Synergis Fund secures $137m investment for disability housing


Illowra Projects has been working with Synergis Fund to develop disability housing at scale across Victoria for some time now and we are pleased to inform you that Synergis Fund has announced it has secured a further $137m investment for disability housing.

Our Managing Director, Owen Jourdian explains “developing disability housing is very complex. One critical element of success is access to capital through a provider who understands this complexity. We are pleased to be collaborating with the Synergis team who actively work to understand regulatory requirements and the uncertainties of a very new sector. Importantly for Illowra, we are aligned with a provider of capital who shares our vision of putting the participant (resident) at the centre of everything we do.”

We are excited that securing of the new investment by Synergis will enable Illowra to continue focussing on our target of delivering fifty customised disability housing projects across Melbourne and Regional Victoria for two hundred NDIS participants in the coming years.

You can watch a video about one of our new person centred projects for Tegan and Glenys here.

You can read more about the Synergis investment announcement featuring one of Illowra's projects in the Australian Financial Review here and the Synergis media release here.