New build options

With our person centric approach we help you explore different options for your new home. From choosing a location to dwelling type, configuration and preferred living arrangements, we discuss the options with you and explain what is possible.

All these things and more are discussed and documented. Once we have the big items worked out such as location, type of building, and preferred living arrangements, the detailed information is used to help us to design your home to meet your specific needs. (More information about our Smarter Living for Life® custom design process is below.)

Draft floor plans and site layout are provided for your feedback so that we all know we’re on the right track before going any further. When you’re happy with the concept, we can get the project started.


We understand there is a wide range of different housing needs and we provide a range of solutions for our new build projects. Each modern customised dwelling has all the practical features you need, in a home you’ll love to live in. We believe that the design of a building should not limit your opportunity to live independently, that every home should be accessible to everyone regardless of age or ability. Incorporating simple but smart design elements from the beginning improves accessibility and enhances independence.

We are passionate about great outcomes and have consciously developed a person-centred approach. We involve individuals in the design of their new home to meet their specific needs.

toy wood house frame on house plans
whellchair couple sitting in kitchen

Smarter Living for Life®

Smarter Living for Life is Illowra’s new build design philosophy, developed around the principles of accessible, assistive, healthy and sustainable building design.


Smart building design can make your home easier to access and move around. For example, no-step showers, non-slip floors, wider doorways, wider garages, adjustable height kitchen benches, and strengthened walls for grab rails, are some of the simple but effective design considerations that can make your home easier to live in.

Smart design is not just for physical access. We also incorporate design elements to assist participants with cognitive, sensory and behavioural challenges.


Assistive technology incorporated as home automation can assist to improve independent living. From easy to use taps and door handles to motorised window coverings and automated heating / cooling controlled by a tablet or voice command. We design the tech solution to suit you, to increase your independence at home.


Health and wellbeing can be impacted with so much time spent at home. Natural light, indoor air quality, and noise pollution are important design considerations in the creation of a healthy home.


We are committed to reducing our environmental impact and reducing energy consumption. A home incorporating sustainable design requires less mechanical heating and cooling, with the added benefit of energy cost savings over time.

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Property maintenance and modifications

Our sister company Illowra Living provides SDA Property Management and is a registered and certified NDIS SDA Provider.

We work closely with everyone involved including participants, families, NDIA, Support Coordinators and Support Providers to ensure your home is well looked after.

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For EMERGENCY REPAIRS call our 24 hour support line 1300 455 697 (1300 illowra)

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We welcome feedback to improve our service to you.

You can contact us via any of the following methods: 1300 455 697 (1300 illowra)

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Illowra take incidents very seriously.  If an incident occurs please advise Illowra on 1300 455 697 (1300 illowra) and then complete an Incident Report Form on the link below.

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