Owner & Investor Partners

Illowra work with leading Not for Profits and Social Impact Investment Funds.

Illowra work with the Synergis Fund - a new social investment fund established by Social Ventures Australia (SVA) and Federation Asset Management specifically for long term, scalable investment in disability housing.

Synergis Fund’s vision is that every person living with disability in Australia has access to high quality, safe, stable and appropriate housing. Synergis Fund aims to set the standard for disability housing across Australia.


Exploring options

Building customised disability accommodation can be complex, with many variables to take into account. Illowra create beautiful homes, customised to meet needs - for SDA eligible NDIS participants, and also for those who are not. With our person centric approach we help you explore the different options.

We thoroughly understand individual needs first to guide our entire process and we work together to select the location, dwelling type, configuration and design. Of vital importance is the feasibility modelling we provide; in which we present a number of scenarios that assist you to decide if the financial projections are right for you.

We simplify a complex process to make the creation of customised, individualised, highly accessible homes achievable for anyone. We achieve this through working collaboratively with all involved - participants, families, support providers, professional partners and property owners - to promote community living.


Development management

Managing the development of new customised disability accommodation is not easy. We provide an end to end development management service - a total solution for disability housing.

Our team will ensure that you have a lovely custom designed home that is also completed on time and on budget. We remove the stress and uncertainty by doing the work for you with our team of highly experienced professionals.

Our management expertise is applied to all aspects of the development: starting with ensuring the objectives are agreed by all, then managing the design scope, the budget, permit applications, the construction contract, the construction schedule, build quality, building handover, and finishing with managing the defect liability period after practical completion.

Illowra makes complex simple, for you.

Property management

Our sister company Illowra Living provides SDA Property Management and is a registered and certified NDIS SDA Provider.

We work closely with everyone involved including participants, families, NDIA, Support Coordinators and Supported Independent Living (SIL) providers to ensure your home is well looked after.

Our SDA Property Management services are summarised as:

  • Vacancy management - helping find residents
  • Transition coordination - helping move into your home
  • Property maintenance and repairs
  • Rental collection
  • Reporting

For further details of our property management services please contact us:

1300 455 697 (1300 ILLOWRA)