New Co-designed Unit - SDA Robust - IP20.041

Item Code: IP20041
Price:  Free
Newcomb (Geelong)

New Co-designed Unit - SDA Robust - IP20.041

Item Code: IP20041
Price:  Free
Newcomb (Geelong)
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Overview Everyone's needs are different and Illowra Projects believe that a home should be specifically designed to meet individual needs to increase independence. Illowra are building new co-designed SDA homes for eligible NDIS participants. Illowra have a comprehensive person centric design process that considers your needs to design a modern, beautiful and functional home. This is an opportunity to be a part of an exciting new project which will be custom designed from the very beginning to meet your specific needs at no additional cost to you.
Location Newcomb (Geelong).  This property is located in a quiet location in close proximity to walking paths, public transport and a short walk to the Newcomb Central Shopping Centre.
Configuration / set-up The site will have a two resident house plus two single resident units (called villas by NDIS).


One bedroom in shared house and one single resident unit with private outdoor open space still available.
SDA design category Robust
Onsite carers room (OOA) Yes


  • Modern dwellings with accessible open plan kitchen and living area.
  • Ensuites to all bedrooms.
  • Modern appliances.
  • Individual courtyards for each unit.
  • Communal outdoor area.


Approved by council.  Detailed designs being finalised


Customised design will be explored during a co-design process with you, your family and allied health professionals.  At the start of the project a detailed review of your needs is undertaken along with understanding your preferences.  During the design process you are regularly provided with updates and we seek your feedback to ensure the new is not only functional but is a beautiful place to live. 

Things you need to know

You must be aged 18 years or over.

This will be an enrolled Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) property. You will need to be eligible for the appropriate SDA level of funding in your NDIS plan when it is time to move in.  Enquiries are welcome from participants who believe they may be eligible for SDA or who are in the process of applying for SDA.

You need to be able to pay a Reasonable Rent Contribution (RRC) + Commonwealth Rent Assistance (CRA) + Utilities (bills).

You will need to enter into an SDA Residency Agreement.

Further information

Contact us on 1300 455 697 for further information.