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Illowra Projects believe that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve personal living goals regardless of ability.  We believe that the design of a building should not limit the opportunity to live independently, therefore, we customize every home to each individual participant's needs to maximise independence.  


We are passionate about great outcomes and so have a person-centred approach.  We start every project with the person who will live in the dwelling in mind.  We involve individuals in the design of their new home to meet their explicit needs and in doing so ensure the home is functional and they feel engaged and a part of the design process.  We understand that the move to a new home can be unsettling and so we work closely with formal and informal supports to ensure the transition to the new home is well planned and supported to reduce anxiety. 


We simplify a complex process to make the creation of a customised, highly accessible home achievable for anyone.  We work collaboratively with all stakeholders including participants, families, disability service providers, professional partners and property owners to promote community living.


Illowra Projects work to explore ways participants and families can own their own homes.


Illowra Projects have a team of highly experienced professionals in development management, building design, occupational therapy, disability property management and finance that ensures each project achieves excellence in design, construction, ongoing management and achieves participant independent living goals.


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