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Rapid Interim Housing

Illowra Projects are proud to be working with the Summer Foundation to deliver the vision of interim housing solutions to meet the needs of hospital discharge patients and young people living in residential aged care. We are excited to be exploring ways for people to return quickly to their community, using concepts such as Rapid Interim Housing. Illowra Projects have a suite of services including advice, design, development management and property management to make this vision a reality.

The Summer Foundation prototype accessible relocatable unit will demonstrated that a functional home can be created in a transportable format.  Information on the concept can be found here 


Illowra Projects are liaising with builders, government agencies, land owners, investors, support coordinators and other stakeholders to deliver these rapid housing units to the market in the locations where they are urgently needed.

Illowra Projects are interested in working with all stakeholders to achieve the Summer Foundation vision. If you are interested in being involved or being kept up to date as we develop and roll out this new model of interim housing, please contact us on the number or email below:


Phone us on 1300 455 697 or 



Colbert Villas

Colbert Villas is a group of six stylish villa units designed for home owners looking for a simpler lifestyle.  


The design brief was to create affordable dwellings that are environmentally responsible, economical to run and low maintenance.


Located close to shops and public transport the development is designed for the over 50's resident who wants to relax.

Grantville Retail

This modern village style retail complex in the Gippsland town of Grantville has created a real focal point for the local community.


The design brief was to create a functional and stylish development that reflected the coastal location.


Home to the Bendigo Bank, Grantville Pharmacy, Grantville Post Office and Newsagency, as well as Stockdale and Leggo Real Estate, the development is the central focus of the town and an activity hub for locals.


'a very functional and distinctly different building, a landmark'

Denis Donohue - Building Surveyor