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Illowra Projects have developed our own Smarter Living for Life® design philosophy incorporating elements of

  • Accessible
  • Assistive
  • Healthy
  • Sustainable

These four core elements are top of mind in the design and construction of each dwelling. To ensure each dwelling is built to industry best practice, Illowra Projects have developed our own, very comprehensive set of design briefs around each of these four elements.  These four design briefs bring together some of the best accessible and assistive design ideas from leading organisations from Australia and internationally such as Summer Foundation, TAC and Livable Housing Australia.



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Illowra Projects have a team of professionals who design and construct dwellings that are easier and safer to live in for people of all ages and abilities.  Accessible homes enable greater independence in improving the quality of life for residents with a disability.


Smart building design can make a dwelling easier to access and navigate.  Stepless showers, non-slip surfaces, wider doorways, wider garages, adjustable height kitchen benches and strengthened bathroom walls suitable to fix grab rails, are just a few of the simple yet important design ideas that can make a building easier to access for residents.

Smart design is not just for physical access. We also incorporate smart design elements to assist participants with cognitive, sensory and behavioural challenges.
iStock_000014577704M1.jpg - smallAssistive Technologies can improve independence for residents.  From easy to use tapware and door furniture to the use of integrated home automation technologies controlled by iPads.  Illowra Projects take a client-centric approach to Assistive Technologies and can design into your dwelling personalised technological solutions to make life easier.
iStock_000019407458_1.jpg - smallA healthy dwelling is one which considers the effect of the indoor environment on health and wellbeing.  With so much time spent in the home, natural light, indoor air quality and noise pollution are all important considerations in a dwelling that can affect residents health.
iStock_000014577711M1.jpg - smallSustainable design is key for all projects.  We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and reducing energy used. With the increasing price of energy, a sustainable design will also have the benefit of requiring less mechanical heating and cooling offering significant energy and cost savings over the life of the dwelling. 

These Smarter Living for Life® design elements will improve the livability of homes.


Illowra means beautiful place and this is exactly what Illowra Projects create, beautiful places to call home.  Illowra Projects design homes for function, comfort and beauty.

Once a development design is complete we move into development management.