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Customised Disability Accommodation


Illowra Projects create customised disability accommodation. We believe that everyone's needs are different and that disability accommodation should be specifically designed to meet individual needs to increase independence.  Our design process starts with the individual.


We work with participants and families to help them develop and own their own homes, either individually or shared as a group of families. We help families remove the developer and make the process simple to create a new home for less.


Illowra Projects create new homes for NDIS participants who are both Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) eligible and those who are not.  We acknowledge there is a wide range of different housing needs and we provide a range of solutions.


Illowra Projects provide a suite of services, including advice, home ownership options, design, development management and property management (through our sister company Illowra Living).  Illowra Projects have specialists in building design, access, occupational therapy, development management and disability policy. The team has a person-centred approach.  We involve people in the design of their new home to ensure it meets individual needs. A house becomes a home when you build a sense of ownership from the start.


An Illowra Projects home is designed with a high level of accessibility. Each modern customised dwelling has all the practical features you need, in a home you'd love to live in.


Illowra Projects believe in changing the focus of building design through universal design principals. We believe that every home should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability. OuSmarter Living for Life® design philosophy means planning ahead for changing needs, and being able to live in your own home for your entire life, if you choose.  Incorporating simple but smart design elements at the outset improves accessibility and enhances independence.


If you would like more information please call us on 1300 455 697 (1300 illowra).



Proudly a founding member of the SDA Alliance.